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The Service Team works with shelters, food banks, community co-ops, and other organizations to provide them with period products. They also deliver period product "packs" to individuals across Ontario who are in need and experience period poverty.

Led by Eden Brown

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Are you in need of menstrual products?


The Service Team is constantly reaching out to new shelters and organizations to end period poverty. These Product Distribution partners, alongside the Volunteer Drivers, help deliver packs to those in need.  


Since our inception in March of 2020, the Service Team has worked hard to collect products and host drives. As of  June 2023, we've donated 181 reusable period products, 54,453 tampons, 84,474 pads, totalling to 139,108 products and 8650+ packs!


2021 was a successful year for the Service Team, but we continue to work hard to help menstruators in need. For 2022, the Service Team aims to collect 50,000 products and run at least 15 product drives!

Product Donation Partner

Want to Help Out?

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Monetary donations help fund our charitable operations. You can etransfer us at or donate by clicking the box below.



Service Reps act as the liason between the Service Team and the local organizations in their city. We welcome all to apply!

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Our Volunteer Drivers help receive & get the period packs to individual menstruators who live farther away from our partner organizations.

Product Distribution Partners

Which shelters & organizations have we worked with?

Bleed the North has worked with many organizations across Ontario, including but not limited to:

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St. James Town Community Co-op

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Tree of Justice

Parkdale Food Centre.png

Parkdale Food Centre


Eva's Place

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Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter is grateful to have received menstrual products from Bleed the North to share with the women in our community, thank you for your support. Thank you for the important work that you do to help end period poverty and stigma by providing menstrual products across Ontario.

Angela Mazza, Manager of Development and Engagement

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Want to Partner with Us to Receive & Distribute Products?

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