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Bleed the North works with local businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations, shelters, and other organizations in order to combat period poverty and period stigma across Ontario. Our partners provide us with more than just monetary donations: they give us the capacity, strength, and volunteers to address a long-ignored issue within Canada and create real social change. With their support, Bleed the North is effectively able to serve upwards of 700 menstruators each year.

Want to partner with Bleed the North? Please see below for a comprehensive list of ways to get involved. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact for more information.


Our Business Development partners are the backbones of our operations. They provide Bleed the North with the financial and resource supports needed for our operations. We are incredibly grateful for the support of all businesses who have contributed towards our success—from small, locally-owned businesses to large corporations.

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Bleed the North receives thousands of period product donations every year. These donations help us to create the “packs” that we provide to menstruators who are unable to access or afford them regularly. From churches to schools to small businesses, every partner makes a difference.

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Without these partners, we would have very limited access to those we help. They generously work with us to determine how many packs are needed, receive donations, and distribute them to menstruators in need. In the past year, Bleed the North has worked with over 10 community shelters and non-profit organizations focused on providing for those struggling to meet their needs. 

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We partner with nonprofit organizations  to cross-functionally address the many prevalent issues faced by Canadians. We recognize that problems within Canada involve multiple root causes, and that we all have a responsibility to do our part in alleviating the suffering of those who are unable to do so themselves. 

Interested in partnering with Bleed the North? We'd love to work with you to create change within Ontario!

Please send us an email using the 'Contact Us' button to the right, and the Partnerships Team will get back to you soon. We look forward to working with you!

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