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Curriculum Project

The Education Team is creating a toolkit designated for the grade five curriculum towards menstrual education. Our goal with this project is to create supplementary learning materials that teachers can use in their classrooms to teach their students on topics such as the reality behind menstruation, sustainability in menstruation, menstruation disabilities, period poverty, period stigma, and more.

Menstruation Fast Facts

What is menstruation?

Menstruation is the vaginal bleeding that occurs in menstruators on a monthly cycle. Once a month the body prepares itself for pregnancy, and if there is no pregnancy, the uterus will shed its lining. 

Why is inclusivity important in menstruation?

Menstruation has always been viewed solely as a part of women’s health. However, people need to recognize that not all women menstruate and not all menstruators are women. Menstruation may also be an aspect of transgender men, non-binary people, and gender-fluid people.



The following are Canadian communities, school boards, and provinces, as well as other countries that have made period products free in schools! 

School Boards:

  • The Waterloo region district school board (effective September 2019)

  • Toronto District School Board (effective September 2019) 

  • The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (effected September 2022)

Canadian Municipalities: 

  • London Ontario 

  • Hamilton Ontario (effective 2020) 

Canadian Provinces:

  • British Columbia (effective January 2020) 

  • Nova Scotia (effective 2020) 


  • New Zealand 

  • Scotland 

    • Fun fact: Scotland has made period products free for anyone who needs them!

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