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Led by Palwashah and Gabby


The Advocacy Team works alongside politicians, grassroots organizations, and community members to create change. We strive to achieve menstrual equity through reforming policy and legislation.



In November 2020, we led the first-ever Canadian National Period Day to honour menstruators and combat period poverty and stigma. We hosted a week’s worth of virtual events featuring webinars, guest speakers, and even created a national resource. Now an annual event, we are super excited to be working with community stakeholders to raise awareness about menstrual equity throughout Ontario.


The sole focus of this project is to connect with student trustees within the Greater Toronto Area and assist them in the fight for menstrual equity. We aim to equip student trustees with an educational tool kit, information, and support as they advocate for free and/or more accessible menstrual products in their respective school boards.

National Period Day

Student Trustee Project

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