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Committed to ending period poverty, one pack at a time.


Flow Together, Grow Together

Bleed the North is a federally registered, youth-led nonprofit organization. We are committed to ending period poverty and stigma by providing menstrual products to people in need across Ontario.


We hope to educate our community on the dangers of period poverty and work to promote menstrual legislation in Canadian politics.


We promise to see the ways in which menstruators are affected by their periods and learn from those who experience menstruation and period poverty in all of its complexity, together


1 in 3 Canadian women under the age of 25 struggle to afford period products.


Globally, 2.3 billion people live without basic sanitation services.

Are you in need of menstrual products?


2021 was a year filled with many amazing memories, achievements, and proud moments.

We put together a report showing our impacts in 2021 - all made possible with your support. 

Bleed the North impact report on service, education, and advocacy operations to eliminate period poverty and stimga in Ontario.
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