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What is a Product Donation Partner?

Business Development Partners are companies and organizations that work with us to provide us with the financial or resource supports needed to drive our charitable operations. These supports typically arise through various types of collaborations, which include but are not limited to the following:

Monetary Donations

Every year, we serve thousands of menstruators across Ontario who are in need of period products. As we are entirely funded through donations, the support of our corporate partners who make one-time or recurring donations to us is priceless. 

Period Product Donations

Our Service team works tirelessly to collect period product donations, however these donations often aren't enough to fulfill the high demand of requests from menstruators in need. To solve this, some of our partners donate period products to us to aid us in helping as many Ontarians as possible.

Fundraiser Collaborations

We're incredibly grateful to have been chosen as a recipient for fundraisers run by amazing organizations that work to solve some of Canada's most pressing issues. For our own fundraisers, we've been shocked by the outpouring of support from local businesses and entrepreneurs, who offer to donate gifts to us for our donors in support of our campaigns.

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We've teamed up with Sleepy Daisy, a female-owned business based in Thunder Bay to create a custom Bleed the North product line! These  polymer clay Chubby Daisy Huggies are great for sensitive ears and are perfect for everyday wear. 50% of sale proceeds are donated  to us to support our operations. 


Take a look below to learn more about our amazing partners that are currently supporting us in our mission to end period poverty and stigma in Ontario. 

Made up of a team of advocates, period warriors, and environmentally focused citizens, Diva Cup is an innovator, disrupter and boundary-pusher in the menstrual period industry. Currently, we receive menstrual cup donations from them through their DivaCares program.

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Joni, a Vancouver-based company, is on a mission to change periods in Canada for the better. With an unapologetically inclusive culture, Joni creates biodegradable pads that are 3x thinner and more absorbent than normal pads. Each quarter, we receive 2000+ pads as donations.

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Let’s Work Together

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We would not be where we are today without the partners who have generously worked with us in the past.